Staff Training

Train to become an RBT and develop skills to work with children across the spectrum. Becoming and RBT is just the beginning of your training. A highly competent behavior technician will need to master many skills.

At Sandbox ABA, our goal is to have behavior technicians sufficiently proficient to be able to exercise clinical judgment in the moment, in order to be able to flexibly and systematically apply ABA techniques to meet the needs of the child.

Our supervisors ensure you receive ongoing training and support you need in order to be successful with your clients. We train our staff to have competency in a number of areas, not simply treatment protocols. Your job when training with us is to learn the background and history of ABA, research that supports the treatment we provide our clients, fluent knowledge of a standard ABA curriculum, and understand how to work within schools and with family members.

We are always looking for quality team members. If you are child-driven, can discern between big- and little- picture prioritization, are fun, and welcome feedback, then call us! We’d love to meet you! 

Parent and Caregiver Training

We understand how stressful it is to learn your child has a significant disability and to have to reorient yourselves to a new way of living. We are here to help you learn not just how to navigate your way through a new maze, but to help you thrive in a new world.  

Parents are a critical component of their child’s treatment. At Sandbox ABA, parent training is a requirement of the overall treatment package for your child. Our staff are here to help you learn how to apply useful strategies within your home and your community so that you are able to confidently work to support your child in his or her growing skills and independence.

When you become part of the Sandbox ABA family, our goal is to help you become confident in your abilities to address challenges as they arise. As with our therapist training, we want you to become fluent in understanding not just your child’s program, but to be able to apply strategies fluently and to understand the background and theory behind treatment choices. In the end, our goal is for you to become independent and confident in your own abilities.

We look forward to working with you!

Teacher Training

Teachers are a vital component of a child’s development. Your job is to help children grow, not just in academic skills, but in social and adaptive skills as well. 

We work collaboratively with schools to help you determine what will work with your school and classroom, so that you are able to successfully apply ABA techniques for your student(s) throughout the course of your teaching day.

As with all our training, our goal is not simply that you learn a specific protocol, but also gain a broad understanding of ABA principles, how to do an analysis of any given situation, and learn to apply flexible yet systematic strategies to maximize your student’s learning.

Sandbox ABA is available to work with schools both for specific student needs, or school-wide training for all staff.

Community Training

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