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Intensive Intervention Services

Sometimes behaviors can escalate to such a degree that the family is overwhelmed and family life is in crisis mode. In such times, advice or a simple modicum of intervention is simply not enough to help the child or teen learn the necessary skills. We can provide intensive services that will target decreasing severe maladaptive behaviors such as aggressions, property destruction and self-injurious behaviors while at the same time teaching replacement skills and adaptive behaviors.

Intensive intervention services will be tailored to the time(s) of the day when skills learning is optimized, such as meal times, getting dressed for the day, toileting skills and others. Times and durations will vary depending on the needs of the child or teen. Parent training and involvement is mandatory in such training. If there are other caregivers or teachers who are involved with the student at the critical time periods, their participation will also be necessary.

Intensive intervention is typically begun in a relatively restrictive setting designed to minimize the severity and frequency of maladaptive behaviors and to provide structure for the child or teen to be able to learn needed adaptive skills. As the student makes progress, the intervention will be carried out in less restrictive and more natural settings. In addition, parents (and caregivers and teachers) are trained and coached to be able to follow through on the teaching techniques that have been used to help the child acquire skills and decrease maladaptive behaviors. Follow-up consultations are provided on an as needed basis.

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