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Assessment Services

ABA programs rely on records of a child’s skill sets and regular data collection to determine if the intervention being provided is effective. In order to provide appropriate services for any student, assessments are a necessary part of programming. If your child has not had a recent assessment, we may be able to assist with the following services. If, however, your child needs assessments beyond the behavioral realm such as neuropsychological testing, we will provide referrals to other specialists.

Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA):

An FBA is an assessment that describes the functions of an individual’s behavior, based on interview and observed data, and provides recommendations for treatment to decrease maladaptive behaviors and increase adaptive behavior.

An FBA includes:
  • Record Review
  • Indirect Assessment
  • Direct Observation
  • Descriptive Analysis
  • Graphed data
  • Interpretation of data
  • Analysis of all information
  • Recommendations based on all information collected

Social Skills Assessment:

Social skills are a critical component of personal development. Mastery, or even passable fluency, of social skills makes getting through everyday obstacles much easier. Friendships matter for so many reasons: friends provide companionship, friends may serve as role models, having friends is a source of self-esteem. Because not every child will have the same deficits, and the deficit types may differ, an individualized intervention requires planning. Social skills assessments require observations in a natural environment, including in the home, school and community (as appropriate). Additionally, formal assessments are also used. If your child has had a recent assessments (for example, the ADOS or ABAS), those should be reviewed. In addition, we can administer the SSIS and BRIEF.

Language Assessment

Language assessments provide information about your child’s language and communication skills and provide a baseline for future programming and/or IEP planning. We offer criterion-referenced assessments such as the ABLLS and VB-MAPP. In addition, we collect language samples in the natural environment to assess a child’s functional communication skills. Finally, if your child has a recent assessment, or is currently working with a speech language pathologist, we review the information your professional can provide. Our staff is trained to work collaboratively with professionals of other critical fields to enrich your child’s program.

Program Analysis

Sometimes an ongoing program needs a fresh eye. Program analysis looks at the current interventions, goals and objectives as well as the implementation of the intervention to assess its effectiveness. This type of assessments requires a records review and direct observations in the home, school and community, as appropriate. Finally, a program analysis will include an analysis of the data collected and recommendations for future planning.

Educational Assessment

This assessment is similar to the program analysis. The educational assessment is more tailored to specifically address issues ongoing in the school setting that appear to be negatively affecting your child’s progress in attaining goals and objectives. An educational assessment includes a records review, direct observations in the school as well as the home and community. Parent and teacher interviews are required. Additional formal assessments may be used in conjunction with the observations. These may include social skills assessments, language assessments and behavioral assessments.

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