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Sandbox ABA was founded in 2012 by Rebecca Ryan, who as a parent of a child with autism and with years of experience in both ABA and legal fields, wanted to provide a locally-based, family-oriented center that would provide excellent, progressive ABA therapy to children with autism.

Having had to navigate the difficult in’s and out’s in finding quality intervention for her son and family, Rebecca loves to serve as a resource for the many needs a child and family will need in accessing treatment and support.

Sandbox ABA strives to collaborate with other professionals, such as speech and occupational therapies. We also work with schools and families to understand the services that would be best tailored to the child’s educational needs; we provide training and support to schools and training. We also know what a challenge insurance coverage can be. We will work with families to determine the scope of coverage for their child, and will work with the family and their insurance provider to achieve appropriate coverage for the child.

We are excited to partner with families to help them achieve success in helping their child grow to his or her fullest potential. 

Our Staff

Rebecca M. Ryan

Founder, CEO

Melissa Munoz

Chief Administrative Executive

Brenda Contreras

Senior Clinical Supervisor

Laura Montgomery

Clinical Supervisor

Ruth Whipple

Clinical Supervisor

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