Helping small hands do big things

Giving children the tools to thrive through ABA Therapy

Quality treatment

Individualized treatment plans created and implemented by highly trained staff. Progress monitored daily and treatment changes made as needed.

Family Oriented

We are a small company with the ability and dedication to work hand in hand with your family.

Progressive ABA

Individualized instruction focused on increasing independence. Incorporating student interests and motivations. Developmentally tailored. Focus on teaching play and leisure skills.

Toddler playing with toy camera during applied behavioral therapy

Mission Statement

At Sandbox ABA, we are committed to providing quality care to children through Applied Behavioral Analysis to all ages by our team of compassionate therapists. We create unique and individualized programs for each child and their unique needs. We utilize effective and evidence based strategies to help facilitate the learning process for your child and your family. Above all else, we strive to cultivate a community of support, knowledge, and compassion to ensure meaningful and sustainable growth.

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis therapy studies the relationship between a person and his or her environment, and how that environment can be shaped to affect behaviors. ABA therapy applies this understanding, in order to help a child acquire socially significant behaviors, such as communicating, playing, and engaging with others socially.

ABA therapy uses objective data to inform decisions about a child’s program. We gather data on a child’s responses to determine where progress is being made. We evaluate the data daily and make treatment and program changes to maximize your child’s learning.

toddler chasing bubble in air in austin aba therapy center
Toddler with headphones in sandbox aba austin texas

Free Consultation

Choosing an ABA therapy provider for your child is a big decision. We want to learn about you, your child and your goals. We also want to share information about ABA, treatment, our clinic and our approach. Our goal is to help you discover whether we are a good fit for you and your child.

At the consultation, we will take time to listen to your concerns, your hopes, and your needs. We ask that all primary caregivers attend, so that we can hear from everyone and have the opportunity to share with all of you what you can expect from Sandbox ABA. Please plan on being available for an hour, during which time we spend the vast majority of time together in a meeting, followed by a tour of our Center.

Quality and Evidence-Based



Assessments are critical tools for determining where an individual is currently functioning.

ABA services

Applied Behavioral Analysis services provided in the setting most appropriate to the needs of the student.


Appropriate training is a necessary component in the provision of appropriate and effective interventions.


Sometimes advice is not enough to help a student in crisis.

Free Consultation